Everyone Deserves A Second Chance

Helping Returning Citizens Achieve Meaningful Lives

Reaching Beyond Bars was founded to help both youth and adults returning home from incarceration build a firm foundation to make new and better life choices, while keeping Christ at the center of their lives. Tens of thousands of Georgia’s adult and juvenile offenders are released annually, and reenter our communities without a solid plan. Although most have the best of intentions, wanting to lead a normal life as law-abiding citizens upon release, they face a variety of obstacles once they’re home. Most have very minimal job skills, lack formal education and experience discrimination in both the housing and job markets because of their past. As a result, they become statistics—the under-educated, the unskilled, the unemployed, the impoverished, the homeless. Our goal is to give people the second chance they deserve.

Man with grandchild

How We Help

Reaching Beyond Bars provides intensive supportive services for those returning home. Services are free and address immediate needs including, transportation, clothing, housing and employment—as well as long term needs, like peer to peer support services and reintegration counseling.


George Johnson, 67

“After over 30 years of incarceration, Reaching Beyond Bars gave me the chance of a lifetime - a new beginning. I was able to get my benefits started which lead to the best medical care. I am a better person knowing they love, respect, and desire to see me successful. They're always just a phone call away for any advice I may need. We're family.” 

Michael Lay, 47

“After 10 years of incarceration, I came home very fearful and doubtful about my life. I called Reaching Beyond Bars and my life has never been the same. They assisted with transportation, the best job of my life, and dignity. They never judged me but instead embraced me. They are not just an organization. They are my friends.”